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Why Solar Energy

by GuestPoster - July 27th, 2011.
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Solar energy is the most technologically advanced of our clean renewable energies. It has a wide variety of applications, it can be applied to homes, cars, businesses, street lamps, along with a multitude of others. There have been recent technological advances that not only would allow solar panels to be more effective, but also be used in places in which space is a concern. The more people who use or adopt the use of solar panels to help curb their dependence on the electric company, the more research and growth will speed development of better solar solutions.

Brief Understanding of the inner workings of a solar panel:

What are solar panels? The metal used in a solar panel absorb light energy, and when they absorb this energy it pushes out electrons creating an electric current. This is called a photovoltaic cell, or a solar cell. When these are used together to create solar panels, enough usable energy is created to power our lives.

Do-it-yourself installed solar panels

DIY Solar Panels - photo by 1010uk

The Push for Efficiency

As everyone should know, you can only collect solar energy when the sun is out. Leaving us with only half of a day to collect the power we need. There are two solutions:

1. We can build more solar panels, to where we would collect the adequate amount of energy.

2. Make our existing solar panels more efficient, to where it collects an adequate amount of energy.

The latter being the most effective and feasible. There might not always be room for more solar panels, when there is always room for improvement of the effectiveness of an existing solar panel.


Solar energy is clean, it does not create any type of emission. The only pollution created would be in the production of the panel itself.

Of course there are many other types of alternative energies. All renewable energies have their advantages and disadvantages.

Change can happen, but it needs to start somewhere… It will lead to a better tomorrow!!

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