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Why solar could prove to be top renewable energy?

by GuestPoster - August 26th, 2011.
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What is the major advantage solar panels have over the other renewable energy sources?

Residential Solar,

The individual can harness this technology, and can use it to lower electric bills, raise property value. Its an investment that has very low risk, and if the products are quality enough can eliminate your electric bills and you can profit for years.

There is no other energy alternative that is able to cater to the individual at such a high level!! You should take advantage of this, it is 200 plus dollars on average you can completely remove from your budget. As time goes by solar panels will be more efficient and you will be able to sell excess energy back to your local energy provider.

It is always good to take the decisions away from big corporations. Energy costs have been constantly rising, with solar panels the people dictate their cost. I just hope we can trick the electric company of buying our electricity for a low adjustable rate, then jack their rates as soon as we can.

Solar Panels Cost

These solar panels cost a lot, but were worth it - photo by Christine (spanginator)

The benefits of solar panels.

  1. Eliminated or reduced electric bill.
  2. Paid for extra electricity from electric company.
  3. Numerous environmental benefits.
    1. No longer using fossil fuels
    2. Ozone hole will stop growing
    3. Smog will begin to clear, so we will live healthier lives, and not to mention better views
  4. Your housing values will increase
    1. on average $5.50 per watt of capacity of solar panels installed on your roof

The benefits of solar panels completely outweigh any disadvantages. All of solar energies disadvantages can be fixed with more technological advances and time. Our future is bright and clear. Which happens to be the exact ideal conditions for solar panels. Funny how adopting  a new technology could eventually benefit the solar panels themselves.

I look forward to seeing how our future unfolds.

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