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Why Renewable Energy?

by GuestPoster - July 20th, 2011.
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Saving Our Planet!

This is a huge reason to begin to relinquish our addiction to fossil fuels and begin using a collection of renewable resources. Most of these energies are completely clean and leave no risk to our health or the environments health!
The following is a short list of how these renewable resources could drastically change our world for the better:

  1. Drastically reduce the damage to the ozone layer.
    Less ozone layer = more UV rays which makes people more likely to contract skin cancer.
  2. No more oil spills! We will stop causing countless damage to our oceans ecosystems.
  3. Oil dependency would fall, and we would spend our time reducing our races carbon footprint.

Back before cars, we used horses to take us everywhere. When cities became overly crowded, our streets were lined with piles of horse manure. When it rained it would wash this manure into our drinking water. It caused countless diseases, and a lot of people died in result. Well when our race was faced with these dire circumstances, we responded with the car. No more dependency on horses, no more manure lining the streets. But as this story continues, we have now overpopulated our cities with cars, and are facing a similar circumstance.

How will respond? Will it be to little to late?

I think are best chance lies in renewable energy, of course there are advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy as there are positives and negatives to any course of action. Solar energy has advanced the most so far, and there are ways to be an early adopter and begin to save yourself some money. But like anything you should really understand what solar panels are, how they work, and how it will benefit you and our environment.

We need to create momentum for change, it starts with one person.

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