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Why is Solar Energy Beneficial

by GuestPoster - August 19th, 2011.
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What are solar panels?

Solar power is collected by placing photovoltaic cells (solar cells) in a location that receives direct sunlight. The sunlight knocks loose electrons from the silicon-phosphorus bond and a current is created when the loose electron travels to the silicon-boron bond. This seemingly simple solution for our energy needs will play a huge role in our transition from fossil fuels to a cleaner renewable energy resource.

Benefits of solar panels

Solar Panels for a Grid-Tie Home - Photo by Earthworm

Benefits of Solar Panels

Its clean and as far as renewable energies go it has got a very high ceiling.

1. Solar panels can be used any where that gets sunlight.

2. New breakthroughs allow solar panels to be placed on  windows in the form of a solar film.

3. Set up to where if you produce more electricity that you consume, you can sell the excess back to the electric company.

4. Tax Breaks (for example there is a $10,000 tax break when you purchase a new solar panel)

5. Drastically reduce, if not completely eliminate electric bill.

6. It is clean energy, in fact all of the planets energy in some form or another comes from the sun.

7. It is an investment, but potential to receive 9% to 18% returns a year.

As you can clearly see solar panels offer a wide variety of benefits to not only the individual that purchases the panels, but to society and the environment as a whole. There are a couple of potential pitfalls, but nothing that I will not be improved upon on time. Those pitfalls include high start up cost, low efficiency. Start-up costs will decrease and new technological advance happen, and when production increases fixed costs will remain low, this will reduce the cost of purchasing your solar panels. Their are currently studies which use photosynthesis to try and emulate the way plants absorb solar energy. These studies have been fruitful, and there is a working prototype.  It is always a good idea to use nature as a guide, within nature lies all the solutions to our problems.

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