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Where to Obtain DIY Solar Cells

by Chris - February 6th, 2011.
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With the limited quantity of non-renewable fuels accessible to us used up at a record rate, the chance to assemble a DIY solar cell can become a craft that many folks will need to have. Solar panels take in the suns energy which provides us an endless quantity of power on a daily basis that any of us can transform into electrical power to run our residences and offices.

Many people today perceive the cost of solar panels to be extremely expensive, which can be the case if you purchase professionally manufactured solar panels at retail prices. However, DIY solar cells can now be purchased and a home-made solar panel can be manufactured for as little as $200. Other than the photovoltaic cells, everything you need can be purchased at a local hardware store and in most cased scraped together from reclaimed building material.

The most common material used to create a solar cell is polysilicon. While a single cell made of this material can produce electricity, the voltage will be too low to do anything practical. A solar panel is constructed by stringing several of these cells together in series so that the voltage is high enough to do an appreciable amount of work.

DIY solar panels use the same polysilicon or silicon oxide material that is used in commercially manufactured panels – so the DIY solar cells *are* the same as commercially manufactured cells. They are made by heating and refining the silicon to 99% purity. A second refining process is then used to increase the purity to 99.5%. Finally it is sliced into thin wafers. At that point, it is ready for use as a DIY solar cell.

Due to competition in the marketplace, solar cell manufacturers are exploring new ways to sell solar cells. A few are even selling directly on eBay and This means that DIY solar cells for building DIY solar panels are easier and cheaper than ever before.

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