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Update on v3 Free Charge Controller Board 3/24/2011

by Chris - March 24th, 2011.
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Now that the sun is starting to poke its head out more often, I’m feeling more inclined to jump back into the Free Charge Controller project. I managed to populate and test the two v3 prototypes I had made up. I can’t remember if I sent an email to the mailing list or not about that or not.

The only parts I had missing was the current sensors. I just got them a couple days ago from Digikey and I was about to solder them to the board this morning when I noticed they are in the wrong package! Oops. I ordered the MAX4372FESA+” which comes in an 8-SOIC package. After checking the data sheet, I realized that I didn’t order the wrong parts, I used the wrong package outline in the board layout. It looks like I’m in the same boat as those who are using the v2 board.

I’m planning on getting a few 9081 surfboards to solder the current sensor ICs to. I’ll then run 30 awg wire to the pads on the board.

Once I recieve the surfboards from Digikey, I’ll photo-document the install of hacked IC to help other people who have v3 and v2 boards that need to be hacked too.

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