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The Three Main Systems For Using Solar Power For Homes

by GuestPoster - February 25th, 2012.
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Although solar power has been in use for quite a long time, it is only since of recent that most home owners are replacing electrical usage with solar power for homes.

There are three main systems for using this type of energy in a home and each of them in their own way can have a very positive influence in the supply of energy to the home. All these systems operate on the same principle of using solar panels to collect energy from sunlight which is freely available.

Basically what happens is that the solar panels absorb energy from the sun and this energy is directly turned into direct current or DC as we call it.

This energy is in turn sent to an inverter to turn it into alternating current or AC, which when stored in the batteries that have been installed for this purpose can be made use for heating in the same way we make use of electricity.

Every user of solar power for homes has the option of choosing one out of the three basic systems, depending on his requirements and   budget. With energy prices climbing sky high daily, there are many who look at solar power as a feasible solution by being willing to take their home off the electrical grid completely.

This work should be carried out only by a professional because there are many considerations that should be gone into before taking such a step.

The more popular option however is to use   solar panels to obtain energy for a particular location in the home or for a specific job such as heating a swimming pool or lighting the garden etc.

The cost involved in this case is much less, especially if the home owners are able to come up with home made solar panels for their use and this could prove to be ideal for those who are wary of taking their home completely off the electrical   grid.

The third system is to have solar power as a back up system to augment the power received from the grid. Many homes prefer to use this system where solar powered generators are put into use during a power outage or for emergencies.

Even though the energy supplied might not be sufficient to cover the entire home, it would definitely help in keeping the refrigerator working or heating water etc. according to one’s requirements.

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