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The Need For Solar Powered Attic Fans

by GuestPoster - March 7th, 2012.
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Attic spaces can be very hot places. The installation of solar attic vent fans can go a long way in decreasing these temperatures. Apart from temperature control, these fans also help in moisture regulation. Thus, they are multifunction appliances which any home with an attic should have.

Fans can consume a lot of energy, particularly if you consider the long periods of time they are normally put in operation. Thus, the use of solar attic exhaust fans will reduce your power bills considerably. The good thing is that solar power is available in those times of the years when high temperatures need to be lowered.

In the past, most people were using the electric powered fans but things are rapidly changing. The use of solar is gaining momentum annually. Some models have provisions for storing energy but others do not.  Without adequate sunlight, this latter variety will not function properly. Thus, for areas with high nocturnal temperatures, it is advisable to purchase solar fans with energy storage provision.

If you are not careful, mold can attack your attic and mess up with your things. In fact, attic mold can even spread to other parts of the house. There are several ways of protecting your attic from mold attack. One of them is through the use of attic vent fans. As you probably know, molds thrive in high humidity areas. The fans help in decreasing humidity levels in the attic thus lowering chances of mold formation.

Solar powered attic fans can be used in commercial establishments as well as residential houses. Companies which intend to reduce their energy costs should consider installing them. It is important to buy fans manufactured with high quality materials if they are to give many years of service.

The need for a cool attic cannot be overemphasized. In case high temperatures build up in the attic, the performance of your air conditioning unit will also be affected. At the same time, your energy bills will shoot up. When heat and moisture in the attic is kept to their respective minimums, the energy efficiency of the house improves considerably.

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