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The Most Energy Efficient Way to Use Your Heating

by Chris - September 29th, 2012.
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    Using our heating in an energy efficient manner is incredibly important and a very effective way to alter our overall carbon footprint and our overall energy bill. When it comes to using heating efficiently though, most people are not fully informed and don’t understand all of the various factors at play. Here then we will look at some tips to help you use your heating in an even more environmentally friendly manner.

When to Have it On

    First of all note that the most energy efficient way to use heating is not to just have it off all of the time. This might seem like an obvious way to save energy, but the reality is that though it will save you money in the short term, in the long run having your property be very cold for a long period of time can mean that the walls reach something called ‘dew point temperature’ where they become very difficult to heat back up and where you have to spend even more on heating over the following days.

    As such then it is important to turn off your heating when it’s boiling and when you really don’t need it – but at the same time it’s actually important to keep it on in the approach to winter even if you can layer up.


    The efficiency of your heater will of course play a big role in affecting how much electricity or gas you use. Make sure that you buy a heater that is highly efficient, but also that you maintain it in order to keep it that way which may mean using plumbers to come round and maintain your boiler, or may mean just cleaning out your air ducts and vents.

Oasis Heating

    Oasis heating means heating just a single small area (an ‘oasis of heat’) which you would accomplish with something like a fireplace or an electric heater rather than central heating. This is more expensive often because electric heaters use more energy, but in certain circumstances this can be a more efficient way to heat your property – for instance if there are only people in a single room of the house then it of course doesn’t make much sense to waste energy with central heating warming the entire property.


    Of course spending money on insulation for your home and on double glazing will keep your warmth in meaning you need to use less heating.

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