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The Importance of Alternative Power Options

by Chris - September 29th, 2012.
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We are living in a fragile time.

This post is not intended to be fearmongering or unnecessarily alarming, but it IS meant to bring some things to your attention.

There are many reasons why everyone should feel compelled to install (or at least posess) solar panels.  And hopefully this article will lay some of these out for your consideration.

Now as I was saying– we are living in a fragile time.  Certainly part of this is attributable to increased demands on our fossil fuel supply.  Tensions are inflamed around the world as energy prices continue to rise with no sign of long-term relief.  That’s because most everyone belives that at some level– we’re running out.

We are incredibly apatheic as a society in this regard.  We’ll just keep pumping and pumping until one day, there’s no gas at the pump.  We have little ability to collectively look into the future and take preventitive measures, even when the writing is on the wall.

However, the individual has the advantage in this situation.  You have the power to go out and make alternative plans!  You don’t have to sit around waiting for the rest of society to see the urgency.  You can go out and set yourself up with solar power without the involvement of any one else.  Isn’t that great!?

It IS great.  Because a dwindling supply of fossil fuels is hardly the only obstacle we face in our future.  Fresh water supplys around the world are dropping, nuclear tensions persist in the Middle East and our global economy teeters on the precipice of collapse.  

And that’s only a couple of things! There are many more reasons why one might consider having alternative energy plans!  Ultimately it comes down to how important it is to you to be self-sufficient.  


We are living in a fragile time– Are you going to be the one who planned ahead?


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