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by GuestPoster - July 28th, 2011.
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Think about a place where you do not have an electric bill, you no longer have a need to purchase gas, the air is cleaner, and we stop losing wild life to our polluting ways. This is all possible with renewable energies. All renewable energies have their advantages and disadvantages, but compared to fossil fuels there is only upside. Sure the technology is not completely there yet, and its not yet ready to take over the major energy production, but I ask you why? Once we began to adopt this better future, momentum will begin to swing its way.


The more adopters of renewable energies we have the quicker the transition will happen. That might sound like an obvious comment, and it is, but not for the reasons you might think. The more adopters of these energies we have, the more money goes into these companies that produce these energy solutions. They can afford to spend more money on research and development. Maybe they spend it on better equipment, maybe smarter minds, but there is no question money can and will speed innovation.

How Can We Start?

Buy a solar panel. Why solar panels? Because solar panels are efficient  enough to already began to save you money on your monthly energy bill. And when you invest in your home, and your energy savings, you are also investing into the company to produce better, more efficient products.

Possible Future

Electric, hydro-electric, solar powered cars. The tech is there for some if not all of these.

Buildings that produce enough power to power themselves.

Possibilities really are endless.
So find out how you can make this world a better place. It always starts with one person. Change is a solar panel away. Maybe in 30 years we will look back at fossil fuels as a very dumb idea. I already do!

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