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The Fossil Fuel Problem

by GuestPoster - August 2nd, 2011.
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Why did we start using fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels were the solution to our last great crisis. Horse crap…. really, horse crap. You see before automobiles we got around on horses, or horse drawn carriages. Well as you know horses have to use the bathroom, usually when they are tied up waiting for us. Well some schmucks poop job was to push this horse crap into piles. As you can imagine over time the piles began to get bigger, and bigger, and we were not removing in fast enough. It would actually rain and wash this poop into our sewer system. At this time our sewer system did not work like today, this water would flush into our rivers and lakes and sources for our drinking water. GROSS! I know this began to the spreading of disease! City life back then literally meant drinking poop water. Life expectancy was lower in city then it was in rural America.  The search for a cleaner energy source was on…. enter fossil fuels. We were so naive to not realize that perhaps the consequences of burning fossil fuels was more damning then the feces infected water of our past…

The problem with fossil fuels!

Production and Collection

We ruin 1,000s if not 1,000,000 of environmental ecosystems pulling fossil fuels out of the ground. We have began to limit where we can retrieve fossil fuels, obviously not soon enough. (See BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico)

How we use fossil fuels

We burn fossil fuels, this releases certain emissions into our atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide both of which are not healthy for us or or world we live on. Its like anything its naturally occurring, however too much is never a good idea. Not to mention just the gritty dirtiness that you can see in the air over cities.

Solar Solutions?

The first step is education, I recommend learning exactly what are solar panels, and the benefits of solar energy. The more we learn and teach ourselves, the better decisions we can make. I implore everyone to educate themselves on our potential solutions of our second energy crisis.

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