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The Basic Concept of Wind Turbines

by GuestPoster - June 5th, 2011.
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Wind turbine concepts involves the physics of catching the wind. This source of renewable energy operates by catching the wind’s energy and converting it into electricity and it can be used in conjunction with residential solar power. From there, electricity travels through the wire directly into your home or into your energy storage system.

The wind turbine catches the physical energy of the wind and uses that forward force to rotate the blades. What is actually taking place here is that the forward momentum of the wind is captured and deflected into a sideways push to rotate the blades.

Your wind turbine’s specially designed blades are the ones responsible for the redirection of energy. With the use of a curved or a tilted blade, usually a combination of both, the wind is redirected in a way that it is pushed sideways which turns the blades as a result.

While some of the wind’s force is pushed sideways on the blades to make them rotate, the rest flows directly to the tailpiece which enables the entire assembly to face the wind and makes the blades to rotate freely.

Right behind the blades is the rotor assembly that is connected to a shaft, which is in turn connected to the wind generator. In many residential setups, a simple DC motor can be used as a wind-powered generator.

With some basic understanding of electricity, it is easy to know that by rotating magnets swiftly around a conductor, electricity as a renewable energy can be produced. This is what a DC motor basically doe; it contains magnets that can be rotated around a central conductor. As the wind’s force rotate the turbine blades, the shaft rotates the magnets inside the DC motor, which then allows electricity to be generated.

In short, this is the basic concept of how wind energy works, an amazing renewable energy source. And while only a glimpse of the physics behind it is provided, you now have a clearer understanding of how the wind is harnessed to provide electricity to your home.

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