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What can you expect financially when you purchase solar panels?

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

There are a number of financial benefits you can expect to receive when purchasing a solar array for your home. You can expect to reduce or completely eliminate your electric bill, as well as raise the value of your home, and collect monthly check from the electric company. Now you probably have a ton of questions, so lets get started.

Why solar could prove to be top renewable energy?

Friday, August 26th, 2011

The individual can harness this technology, and can use it to lower electric bills, raise property value. Its an investment that has very low risk, and if the products are quality enough can eliminate your electric bills and you can profit for years.

There is no other energy alternative that is able to cater to the individual at such a high level!! You should take advantage of this, it is 200 plus dollars on average you can completely remove from your budget. As time goes by solar panels will be more efficient and you will be able to sell excess energy back to your local energy provider.

Why is Solar Energy Beneficial

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Solar power is collected by placing photovoltaic cells (solar cells) in a location that receives direct sunlight. The sunlight knocks loose electrons from the silicon-phosphorus bond and a current is created when the loose electron travels to the silicon-boron bond. This seemingly simple solution for our energy needs will play a huge role in our transition from fossil fuels to a cleaner renewable energy resource.