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Storing the Electricity You Generate From Solar Panels

by GuestPoster - November 10th, 2011.
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As with wind energy, solar possesses great obstacles when it comes to stable energy resources. Solar energy is not available in a stable flow of photons, but rather a natural phenomenon that is a factor of things such as time on the day, clouds and weather in general. In housing situations, we are most likely looking for renewables that can offer a good base load of energy. What can we do to make solar such a system? The answer is by using an energy storage system.

There are different ways we can store energy for later use in combination with solar panels. There are however two main ones: Batteries and flywheels.

Batteries are probably the best solution if you are looking to install solar cells in your house. These save energy chemically in the molecules, and we can easily reverse the process to make them output power. A good battery has a pretty high amount of cycles before we say it is worn out and needs to change, but this should not be a problem as long as you choose a respectable brand.

Flywheels are another way of storing energy. This method is probably more applicable in larger systems, such as commercial solar cell plants and/or wind turbine ‘farms’. The technology is actually very simple. We have almost the reverse of a generator, which inputs power from the PV-cells, which makes the flywheel made of carbon rotate. There is a magnetic field around this flywheel, and we can transfer the kinetic energy back to electricity very easily. Extensive resources on this can be found on

The reason why energy storage is so important is because we want to take advantage of the excess, sunny days where the PV-cells output overall more power than what we actually need at that day. Instead of letting that energy get lost in the process, we can take a few simple measures save it. Global warming is rapidly getting worse and energy storage is one of many essential ways to counteract this problem.

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