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by GuestPoster - September 10th, 2011.
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Solyndra released a statement saying that FBI raid was a complete surprise, and that they have been completely cooperating with the FBI’s on going investigation. Personally I see this as complete and total trash, if you blow through over 526 million dollars and simply leave the tax payers hanging, as well as not providing severance, 401k benefits or any benefits for employees who lost their jobs, you are guilty of something, if only complete disregard for smart business practices. Even if Solyndra is only guilty of poor decision making, the decision makers should be forced to compensate employees and tax payers, at least in part. Solyndra is now trying to sell the company, so they do not need to liquidate all their assets. Solyndra also offered a reason for the companies bankruptcy, stating that they failed because China undercut them on the price of solar panels. I believe this to be a partial truth, yes the Chinese were capable of selling solar panels for less than Solyndra, but I believe if Solyndra used its 526 Million Dollars smarter they would not be in this mess.


However as infant industries go, survival of the fittest is a great rule of thumb. Solyndra was not offering the best product or service, they were not offering an adequate product or service and a lower rate, and they were not making the smartest choices with their company. We can only hope our government views Solyndra as an exception to the rule, or money for solar research grants will surely be cut putting us even further behind in this solar technology arms race.


I advise every one to learn how solar panels work, and get an idea of what could potentially be in our future. Solar panel benefits outweigh the cost. Perhaps as natural gas prices rise and solar tech advances, solar energy could perhaps become our energy of choice.

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