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Solar Power For Homes

by Chris - January 25th, 2011.
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Alternative energy sources, and especially solar power for homes, is quickly become a mainstream technology. Many DIY solar panel builders are now branching out to integrate their creations into a complete solar power house. This post covers several domestic solar power facts and uses high level schematics to walk the reader through a typical example of the wiring that utilizes the advantages of solar power for homes.

solar power home

Figure 1 - Schematic for Off-Grid Solar Power Home

Figure 1 shows the typical layout for a solar power home. A solar power home is defined here as off-grid or at least designed to run off of solar power as its primary power source. In this senario, a charge controller uses the solar power for homes to charge a battery bank. This battery bank then powers an inverter to generate the 120 volt supply for the home.

In the event that the battery bank drains below a cut-off point (20% to 50% of capacity) the automatic transfer switch will kick in to switch the house power over to grid power. In the event of an off-grid solar power house, a generator with electronic start would be used to replace the grid.

domestic solar power

Figure 2 - Schematic for Domestic Solar Power House Using Net-Metering

Domestic solar power homes are very similar but are permanently connected to the grid. A special inverter used for interfacing to the grid is used to output solar power to the grid. In this case the house is the grid and the grid is the house. Because the grid-tied inverter can directly convert the domestic solar power to usable grid energy, the system does not need a battery bank. This significantly lowers installation costs.

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