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Solar Film

by GuestPoster - August 12th, 2011.
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Solar film is the latest breakthrough in the solar energy revolution.

It contains all the pieces that make a solar panel work put on a much smaller scale. It is just as effective at collecting solar energy as its larger solar panels. Photovoltaic cells are reduced in size enough to not make solar panels size prohibitive at collecting substantial amounts of energy.

Solar Thin Film

Solar Thin Film Shingles - Photo by Tai Viinikka

There are two main problems with solar panels

  1. Efficiency – when the photon hits the panel and the free electron creates the current breaking off from silicon-phosphorus bond and moves into the open slot of the silicon-boron bond a very small amount of energy is created. Now this is enough energy to keep a calculator on, but as far as charging your vehicle or even supplementing your electric bill, you need an amount of energy that becomes size prohibitive to be effective. If we improve the efficiency of solar panels it would take less solar cells to power something of consequence, therefore not as size prohibitive, and closer to our dream of a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

  2. Size – this was a huge potential drawback, but we now have the solution. There was limited space to where we could put solar panels. Now with this solar film we can use it on windows in our houses or on our cars. This completely opens up the possibilities of where we can place solar panels to be effective.

Solar power film can change the game, it is breakthroughs like this, that will allow solar panels to dominate the renewable energy revolution.

Renewable energies have there advantages and disadvantages, it is understanding these that will really allow scientists to conquer there weaknesses and perpetuate the renewable energy revolution.

To completely understand solar panels check out: What are solar panels? It really breaks down the purpose and how exactly solar panels are able to collect energy from the sun.

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