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Solar Energy Is Becoming Very Popular

by GuestPoster - July 11th, 2011.
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It is becoming more important for people around the world to reduce their energy costs, greenhouse gases, and their dependence on fossil fuels. Solar energy is becoming a very popular energy alternative because the energy is there and all a person has to do is take advantage of it. There are a few reasons people haven’t looked at solar power in the past and that is because of our governments. Ask yourself, how many times you’ve seen a solar power ad on television. You really don’t see solar energy installers advertising their installation methods do you?

Solar Power Installation

4KW Peak Solar Installation - Photo by Jaydee

The fact is 2 out of 10 people asked around the world know absolutely nothing about solar power or how it works. This is almost fascinating to say the least. For this reason this article will try to make it very easy to understand the process without all the technical verbiage. Solar energy comes from the sun. In one day the sun provides enough energy to power the entire world’s electrical needs for a complete year. This energy is in the form of photons. There are a gazillion of these photons raining down on the earth each and every day.

These photons are collected using photovoltaic panels or PV’s, these panels capture the photons and convert them to direct current or DC electricity. This source of power can be used to run anything that uses DC electricity such as lights, tools, chargers, some appliances, phones, and so on. To make this electrical source work for a household or business it must be changed from DC to AC – alternating current. This is done by using an inverter system. This system will include an inverter and batteries, the batteries are used to store any electrical current that will not be used at the current moment, but can be used later when the PV’s aren’t collecting photons.

After the DC electricity has been inverted it can then be used for all the electrical appliances in the home. Solar energy installers can explain the process in detail; however, the more you understand about the need and usage of solar power, the more you’ll be inclined to use it.

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