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Save on Your Gas and Electric Bills the Green Way

by GuestPoster - April 14th, 2011.
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The human civilization is driven by its insatiable need (and greed) for energy. Traditional sources of energy are largely dependent upon fossil fuels, nuclear power and hydropower. While the first two are harmful to the earth’s environment, the third is clean. But all of them are becoming increasingly expensive to produce every year. The other sources of energy are geothermal, wind power, tidal, wave and solar energy. Of these, solar power is the best alternative because sunlight, which is used to generate electricity, is almost universally available and inexhaustible. Once installed, solar power systems produce electricity at no extra cost, and thus help save money on electricity.

A solar power system consists of one of more solar panels, a set of batteries and an inverter. The solar panel is made of an array of silicon chips that produce electricity when exposed to sunlight. Solar panels are easy to install, require little or no maintenance and are long lasting. Once installed they can produce electricity for many years at zero cost. Thus they save money on electricity. These days, many manufacturers provide DIY solar panels that can be installed by almost anyone without help from experts.

Small solar power systems can be installed on the roofs and outer wall of houses and just about any surface which is exposed to direct sunlight. If properly placed, they can add to the aesthetics of the house. Many small systems come with DIY solar panels. Larger systems can be installed in open spaces and fields. Excess electricity generated by solar panels can even be sold to power companies through the local or national grid. This will not only help save money on electricity, it will also help generate income.

Many green companies have developed innovative appliances to reduce the consumption of electricity. Solar water heaters, CFL bulbs, solar-powered garden lights, pumps and filters are some of them. These devices help save money on electricity as they do not required much power.

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