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Residential Solar Energy

by GuestPoster - August 16th, 2011.
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By residential solar power, we mean devices or installations that you can benefit from in your home. There is potentially a lot of money to be saved here, and if you add all the environmentally benefits as well it starts to become interesting. Solar energy is a huge resource and on top of that renewable and green. How can you benefit from it in your house?

Solar Cell Phone Battery Charger

Solar Smart Phone Charger - Photo by James Morrison

Generating electricity from solar power is one of the first methods one thinks of when the subject is solar energy. PV-cells, also called photovoltaic cells, is the technology that uses so called doped silicon, which again can generate electricity from the rays that emit from the sun.

Solar energy is very often used in buildings such as green houses. By using the same principle, it is very possible to save some money by doing simple steps in your own house. Solar energy can also be directed against a small point, thus stronger intensity, and be used for simple cooking devices. This is very common in some places in Africa, where electricity is scarce.

With a solar battery charger you can easily store electricity for later use. It is now also possible to sell electricity back to the grid if you produce more energy by solar power for homes techniques than what you actually consume. Some people even disconnects completely from the grid.

Solar energy or solar power is a green type of energy. At times like this, when we are facing a great challenge in getting the environment sustainable for later generations, we need all help we can get. Investing in solar energy for your house is a great way to contribute. Not only can it end up saving you a lot of money, but it also cuts back on the energy consumed by fossil fuels.

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  1. Residential solar energy is a hot topic these days with the global recession, increasing concerns for global warming and the looming threat to the security of world oil supplies. Many people are seeking a solution to reduce their monthly energy bill and to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. One place people have turned for solutions is solar technologies.
    Ronald Rutledge

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