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Replace Your Energy Wasting Light

by GuestPoster - October 18th, 2011.
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Lighting is one of the largest energy consumers in households worldwide. With just a few simple measures, you can cut large amounts of your energy/electricity bill, ending up saving both you and the environment. These methods are potent. If you find them helpful, please help share the value and point other people to this article.

Use More Natural Light

This is one of the most important things you want to consider if you’re about to build a new house, or make changes to your old one. By using natural sunlight, instead of expensive light bulbs that generate their light from electricity, you can save a lot of money. Not to mention that the quality of sunlight is the best there is.

Customize for Every Room

incandescent lights

Don't use incandescent lights outside the house - photo by Kim & Cris Knight

If you are phasing out old light bulbs and lamps make sure to pick ones that actually are suitable for both location and purpose. For instance, don’t use incandescent lights for outdoor situations. This one is obvious. The amount of energy that is emitted in the frequencies the human eye cannot interpret are quite large with these light bulbs. Most of the energy actually end up as heat, good for some places, but not so good for others. Why would you want to heat the outside of your house?

Not only are solutions for better lights able to save you money when it comes to conserving energy. The potential is incredible large in residential wind turbines, geothermal heating and solar panels. Not to speak of insulation.

Another interesting way to conserve energy is to switch your petrol and diesel engines (e.g. the engine in your car) with alternatives such as biofuel. There are many advantages with biomass, read more on them here: Biomass energy pros and cons.

I suggest you read up on these measures at energy conservation techniques and see if some of them might be applicable for your house. We need to focus on green and renewable energy sources if we want our children to have the best of this Earth. We frankly don’t know what will happen if we keep pumping out carbon in the atmosphere. I’m not taking the risk and you shouldn’t either.

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