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Reasons To Get A High Efficiency Air Conditioner

by Chris - April 10th, 2013.
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With the rising concern for the environment coupled with high utility bills, people are looking for ways they can cut back on spending. The Department of Energy reports that one can reduce the amount of money you pay on energy bills by up to 30% by simply using a high efficiency air conditioner.

Even homeowners who do not live in regions with extreme heat conditions during certain times of the year can benefit greatly from the warmth and comfort that high efficiency air conditioning units offer by utilizing new technologies. Some of these benefits are:

1. Saves energy

The first and obvious benefit of a high efficiency air conditioning system is that it saves a great deal of energy. In general, this system has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio SEER rating of 16 and some even higher. These air conditioners achieve this rate since they utilize variable-speed air handlers and two-fold compressors. In addition, these systems have the following features that enhance their energy saving qualities:

  • System controls, which boost efficiency
  • Better coils that have a reciprocating, scroll design, and enhance the performance of compressors
  • Coils and values that extend to the full delivery and use of refrigerant, which in turn enhances its flow greatly
  • Advanced heat exchange design that ensures maximum transfer of heat

2. Durability

Many of the features that high efficiency air conditioners use always operate at multiple speeds. This ensures minimum wear and tear of the various parts. In turn, the systems end up having a longer life span. If you combine this with regular tune-ups from a credible company, your system will last for many years to come. A wise, long-term investment will surpass the high cost of installation that many fear. You should never allow popular misconceptions about these systems keep you from examining their potential.

3. Comfort

The same features that make a high efficiency air conditioning unit save energy also offer comfort for the homeowner. For instance, a variable-speed air handler enhances air delivery throughout the home, which in turn offers a consistent experience in home temperature and flow of air.

There is also the satisfaction that comes with knowing you have an efficient system that saves you money at the end of the month but does not diminish the warmth you are used to in your home. To enjoy to the benefits of this system in full, you need to hire a reputable company to do the installation and maintenance.

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