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Powering The Future: Green Energy

by GuestPoster - February 13th, 2011.
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For centuries fossil fuel has been the main source of energy for powering our nations. Fossil fuel includes natural gas, petroleum, and coal which can contain large amount of carbon. They have powered our machineries for many generations that made life better than it was before. However, due to the millions of tons of consumed fossil fuel, carbon emission has become an issue due to its drastic effect to our planet’s atmosphere. Carbon has been known to create a greenhouse effect which in turn causes the planet to heat up, known as global warming. This has led to countless researches on alternative energy source that led to green energy sources that may help minimize the carbon build up in our atmosphere. The main leading industry is solar power and the installation of solar panels and development of the technology.

With the advancement of technology in energy source exploration, green energy has been the most effective solution for the drastic effects of carbon emissions. Energy from the sun can be utilized using modern solar panels. This type of energy eliminates the need for burning coal and other fossil fuels and relies much on the sun’s energy to produce electricity. They can be installed in homes, buildings and even on cars to supply the needed power.

Other green energy source comes from renewable sources such as wind power, geothermal power, tidal and wave power among others. They are usually more energy-efficient as they have less or no emissions. They can be continuously utilized without the fear of being depleted unlike fossil fuels that are becoming increasingly scarce. These energy sources have the ability to meet the demands of today without compromising the future generation’s energy needs. These green energy sources are especially capable of producing power for humanity for many generations. Most importantly, they also balance the harmony of energy utilization with preservation of the quality of the environment for the future. With these sustainable energy sources, we can very much continue to enjoy the convenience of life that we are living today. Other ways to utilize natural resources more wisely it to use alternative building methods.

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