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Portable Solar Power

by GuestPoster - February 29th, 2012.
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The power of the sun can be used for free by everyone. With off grid solar power you are even able to generate your electricity independently from the national grid.

Speaking of independence, Isn’t it obvious to think of portable solar power?

It is, but let’s have a look at the possibilities and facts.

While there are many devices that make practical sense, there are even more products that are really more gadgets. They are fun but far from effective.

These gadgets are cool but their efficiency is so low, or they are so expensive that they have no real benefit besides acting as a toy or something to impress your friends.

So let’s have a look at the more applyable tools.

The first thing that comes to my mind are solar-powered generators which can be used as a backup utility or as a standalone unit. Besides the obvious advantage of not needing any fuel, a solar generator is very quiet. You can use it with any device you need and it most often used for camping purposes.

Just imagine working with your laptop in the sun with no worries about the battery. Drink some cold beers from your solar-powered fridge or get some juice for your garden tools without long cables.

Welcome to the world of independent solar-powered generators! Another application of photovoltaic generators is the use as a backup device in the case of a blackout.

Besides generators the market offers some pretty neat tools for smaller applications like charging of batteries. They either come in the form of rigid solar panels or as fold-able planes and are thereby easily stored and transported.

Going on a fishing trip and need to charge batteries, GPS, cameras and lamps?
Go for such a device.

Just want to charge something with free electricity at your window or in the garden?
You know where to go!

Beware of those smaller solar chargers. In most cases, they just don’t generate enough power to charge batteries quickly.

So which devices are worth their money and which are just a cool gadget?

In general, you should be aware that the electricity you generate with mobile solar stuff is most of the time very expensive meaning that you could get it cheaper from the grid. At the moment, solar cells are simply just too ineffective to be competitive, and the investment you make for small chargers for example will most likely not pay off.

Small portable solar panels should just be considered for purposes where you have absolutely no connection to the grid!

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