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Nine Energy Conservation Techniques Saving Money

by GuestPoster - October 10th, 2011.
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Fortunately, energy conservation is getting on the map for most people. Every day, new installations across the households in America are being installed to save electricity and the rest of the world is not too far behind. Energy conservation is incredibly important and there are numerous techniques and methods on how to do this out there. We give you the top 9.

1. Turning off all lights when they’re not in use should always be done. There are incredibly large amounts of energy being consumed by lighting all over the world, which is the reason why so many governments are phasing out old light bulbs with energy saving ones. Switching to energy saving light bulbs now could benefit your electricity bill tremendously. These usually spend as little as one-fifth on energy consumption and last as long as 10 times as much.

Learn more on energy conservation at Energy Conservation Techniques.

2. Turning off the lights when you’re not using them is also very important. Lighting up a dark room when you’re not using it is in the majority of cases completely pointless.

3. Another thing regarding shutting off lights and electrical equipment are the stand-by functions some of these have. You should be aware of how much electricity the device consumes (could be anything from your stereo to your television). Some of them spend way to much energy and do not justify how long time it takes to go over and turn the device on using the remote.

4. Installing showerheads designed for energy saving is a neat little trick that many people have never heard about. These small devices install in a few minutes could potentially end up saving you a lot of money, all depending on how much time you spend in the shower every day.

5. Also, make sure that the shower head you purchase and use in your home have a U-value larger than 1.0. These are proven to conserve energy and are not just baloney.

6. Room temperature is another big one. We’re not saying you should turn the temperature in your room so low that you freeze to death, but consider lowering it a little bit. 22 degrees Celsius is more than sufficient for comfort for a normal human being. Also consider installing thermostats that allow for automatic regulation heating during the night when you are sleeping.

7. If you wash your dishes in a machine make sure that there isn’t even room for another fork in there before you start it. Such high amounts of energy go into these devices that you want to fill them up completely.

8. Make sure to get contractors to take a careful look at your house’s insulation. They have devices that can measure the amount of heat that escaped through your walls, and calculate how much an upgrade would benefit you. Don’t overlook this measure, as the potential to save electricity can be very high.

I want to end this article by saying that you should go for green products and renewable energy sources when you have the chance. In other words, choose that geothermal heat pump or buy an electrical or hybrid car, maybe even one that is driven by biofuel? (read more on this here: Biomass energy pros and cons) The future is going to be renewable and the transition to this future should happen as soon as possible.

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