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Keep Your Heat With Solar Covers

by GuestPoster - January 17th, 2012.
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Nowadays, with gas prices constantly on the rise, it costs more and more to keep your swimming pool heated. In fact, the pool my suffer because it’s a priority to keep your house warm and if you wanna cut down on your bills, then more people cut down on the heat in their swimming pools.

I don’t blame them. Gas is expensive. But there is a way to get the benefits of using a gas swimming pool heater while saving money at the same time. They are called solar covers!

Solar pool covers look like a giant sheet of bubble wrap. Usually they will come in blue, but some manufacturers offer it in black and even space silver (like the astronauts use!). The myth behind solar covers is people think that they actually heat up your pool.

The truth is, they do heat up your pool a LITTLE. And I mean a LITTLE. If the sun is out and it’s a hot day, the cover will attract some heat if it’s a dark color, but the real reason why they work so well is because they keep the heat IN your pool.

When your pool is naturally heated up by the sun or your gas heater, by putting on a solar pool cover you can now keep that heat in your pool, sort of like a Thermos. So a good idea would be to heat your pool up, using your gas heater, to the desired temperature (maybe even a few degrees higher) and keep using your solar cover every day to conceal the heat.

It’s best to use your solar cover at night, since this is when it gets cooler out and the heat starts to evaporate from your pool. Plus at night, usually no one is swimming in it so it would be a good time to do it.

So in conclusion, solar covers are a great way to supplement your gas pool heater or electric heater to help save you money on your gas or electric bill. It’s cool to go green!

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