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How to Buy the Ultimate Electric Bicycle

by GuestPoster - February 20th, 2011.
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If you have been paying any attention to the news lately, you will see that oil prices are going to probably skyrocket and gas prices will go up as a natural result.  What most people don’t realize is that they could probably do their part to break their dependence on oil just by simply buying a bicycle. However, not just any bicycle, but an electric bicycle. Yes, that’s right, electric scooters, electric mopeds and of course, electric bikes are becoming very popular all over the world and it is not surprising that countries like India and China have quadrupled their production of electric bikes in the last 15 years. Electric bikes are going to become one of the essential things that people will need to have in our society when oil prices start going up very high.

If you want to buy an electric bike, all you really need to do is start doing some research on the Internet. Because electric bikes are still a relatively new innovation, they are not found in many consumer magazines or places of business yet. However, over the last 10 years, electric bicycles have become so popular on the Internet that there are literally hundreds of places that you can go and do research on them, or look to purchase one of them.

If you’re considering buying an electric bike you should do some research before you actually make your purchase. You want to be concerned with three main things: the type of electric bike you want to buy, (commuter or trail bike) the type of charging system and batteries, and how powerful of an electric motor in terms of wattage will you need. These three things are very important to consider and you will have to do some research on each of these subjects before you actually start to throw down some money for one of these great innovations. Usually, the easiest decision to make is whether or not to buy a commuter or trail bike to ride. If you’re going to be writing your electric bike to work, that you will be the commuter bike, but if you’re going to ride your new electric bike through the woods, you will need a trail bike. So, that is pretty easy to figure out. In terms of electric bike motors, you want to get a motor that has at least 400 to 600 Watts of power. Also, you should try to get electric bike that has a removable charger on it so that you can plug it in anywhere in your house without bringing the bike into the house to sit next to be outlet.

Just looking at these couple of things will give you an idea of the type of research you need to do before you actually buy electric bike. If you end up purchasing an electric bicycle, you can charge it using a solar power generator.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Great post!

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