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How To Afford Solar Panels Cost

by GuestPoster - June 12th, 2011.
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In the present day, solar powered systems are widely used as a viable supplement for the traditional utility grid. And while DIY solar projects can be a good option if you are an experienced engineer, solar products produced by solar panel manufacturers are a more reasonable choice when you do not have a special education. More than that, when you buy solar panels you are also buying additional special services you can hardly access when you work on DIY solar project.

Not only can solar panel manufacturers and their official dealers sell you solar panels, you can also shop for solar panels cost online or buy them from retailers if you so desire. Notice that even though you will most likely be offered a better price, you might not get all additional installation and consultation services.

Solar Panels Cost

These solar panels cost a lot, but were worth it - photo by Christine (spanginator)

Whether you are buying solar panels from retailers or from solar panel manufacturers, it is essential to know how long your solar panels will survive. Some solar panels may be subjected to depreciation, thus they may be worn out by the time you will want to use them. And although the price for such panels will also be quite low, you will only be able to use them for no longer than five years or so.  The average cost of solar panels will reveal itself over the long term.

Not all solar panels are subjected to depreciation. But if you consider buying used solar panels, then purchase them only from official dealers of solar panel manufacturers.

The price is probably the most important thing to consider when shopping for solar panels. The initial prices offered by solar panel manufacturers are based on a solar panels output. An average price per watt is 5 USD, and in this case a panel providing 80 watt costs 400 USD. It is important to purchase efficient, cost effective solar panels.

The initial cost of solar panels for home may or may not include the installation price. Be sure to ask solar panel manufacturers if they include other services to initial pricing. You should also note that more complex systems require more solar panels arrays, thus you will have to pay more money for a self sufficient system.

DIY solar panels cost as much money as solar energy products provided by solar panel manufacturers, of course. But they require more dedication and efforts from you. Consider all cons and pros of both options and pay attention to local laws and restrictions as to solar powered systems. Be sure a company selling solar powered systems can also provide all necessary certificates or otherwise you will have to do it on your own.

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