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Have You Ever Heard of Indoor Composting?

by GuestPoster - September 15th, 2011.
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While you might have never heard of indoor composting, it is really easy to do. All you have to do to get started is buy an indoor composting container. These containers are often made with filters in the tops so that they will not make your house too smelly. You can buy smaller containers for your kitchen scraps or larger containers if you want to do more than simply collect your scraps.

What is Composting?

If you are reading this and wondering what is composting? You do not have to worry because it is an easy and useful process, especially if you are a gardener. Composting is simply the decomposition of natural products. With composting you are controlling this process of decomposition by gathering organic products, and you also use the finished compost. This composting process creates nutrient rich soil that can be used to fertilize your outdoor garden or your house plants.

ventilated worm composting box

A ventilated worm composting box - photo by Clarity J

If you want to start your indoor composting project, you have a couple of options. You can start a worm composting project where the worms break down the organic material and create rich soil. All they need is some soil and a ventilated box. Then all you have to do is add organic material for them to eat. The back bathroom that no one uses or a laundry room is a good place for your worm composter. Organic material will compost on its own, but worms will make the process go faster.

You can also buy a kitchen composter where you can collect kitchen scraps. Some people combine indoor composting with outdoor composting. For example, if you have a kitchen composter, you can use that for scraps, and you can empty it into an outdoor composting container when the indoor one gets full. This way you don’t have to make frequent trips to your patio or backyard with that night’s scraps.

What to Compost

With indoor composting, you should avoid certain foods. Anything meat based should not be composted, and this includes bones and animal fat. You should also avoid citrus fruits in large amounts, such as limes and lemons, because they are too acidic. You can compost any type of vegetable or grain, and you can compost most fruits. You can also compost plain napkins, paper, and newspaper.

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