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Green Technology, Why Research and Development is Key

by GuestPoster - January 13th, 2011.
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Green technology pursues harmony between scientific breakthrough with sustainable living in order to protect natural resources and help save the environment. Technology is defined as the application of knowledge to an area for practical purposes. Green technology applies the knowledge that scientists and other researchers have gained about the finite supply of humankind’s resources to the development of new systems and infrastructure to try to help save the environment. Use of this environmental science can preserve the earth’s delicate ecosystems and its exciting scientific breakthroughs.

Research is key to developing technology that will genuinely keep the planet on a sustainable path. To help save the environment individuals need to discover how to make green technology applications viable in their everyday life. In order for green technology to become a viable option for citizens, economic practices should be based around sustainable practice. Development of the green technology after its application follows logically. Purchasing, building, and recycling waste becomes a consideration for ecologically conscious individuals. Once individuals become more conscious of their resource usage and disposal, policy makers will stand up and try to help save the environment too.

There are some basic policies that research scientists have explored pertaining to green technology. They are simple but sometimes hard to initiate. “Cradle to Cradle” thinking encompasses the idea of recycling and conscious usage of natural resources. Instead of a material being used from its birth only until its death the material is recycled into something new and non-damaging to the ecosystem. Another basic policy is the policy of every new technology being applied to green viability guidelines. In this model companies and individuals would be rewarded for their compliance with green technology standards. For instance, if a company buys an Energy Star rated copy machine, it is guaranteed to be the lowest price on the market. This practice could help motivate people to help save the environment.

The new solar-powered highway system that is proposed for Los Angeles, CA is an example of applying new technology research and development. The new highway will have a hood of solar panels to provide power to the surrounding neighborhoods. It will have electric and hybrid car charging stations throughout. The CO2 emissions from vehicles could be used to grow algae for an energy source. The military is already using algae as a natural resource for some of its energy needs. The ongoing research, development, and maintenance would create thousands of jobs for an economically depressed area as well.

From recycling old newspapers and pop cans to inventing nanotechnology using green chemistry encompasses the future of green technology. Much research is still needed to make the new technology a viable way to save the planet. There are exciting propositions coming from scientific, economical, and social research that can be developed. Each individual person can make ecologically sound decisions in their day-to-day lives so that the practice of living green can develop into a sustainable future for humanity. Viability will speed the issues pertaining to sane resource use to the forefront of policy making.

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