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Free Charge Controller Kit – Part 5 – Assembling the Load Circuitry

by Chris - September 29th, 2012.
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This is the fifth part of a multipart series of articles describing how I constructed the v4 Free Charge Controller kit from Jameco. See Part 4 here, Part 3 here, Part 2 here, and Part 1 here. If you have not done so yet, please complete those parts first.

This section describes the assembly steps for constructing the Load circuitry which comprises the power inductor and support components which are responsible for dynamically converting the higher input DC voltage to a lower output DC voltage.

  • Step 1
    Solder the inductor, L1, near the MOSFETs M2 and M3.

  • Step 2
    Insert resistor R2 and capacitor C5 so that they span across the pins of the inductor. Note that C5 a 0.1uF capacitor, not a 1uF like the other ceramic capacitors.

  • Step 3
    Add diode D3 between the inductor input and ground. To save space on the protoboard, I decided to squeeze it in between M2 and M3. On the bottom side, I had to fold the lead around a jumper wire with a set of small needle-nose pliers.

  • Step 4
    Solder in the output capacitors C6 and C9. These capacitors control the stability of the output voltage.

  • Step 5
    Use a jumper wire to connect C6 and C9 to the charge controller output (red wire). Then, use another jumper to connect the coil to the positive side of the capacitors and power output (yellow wire).

In part 6, I’ll cover the final testing of the charge controller, including lost of oscilloscope images.

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