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Features Of Solar Powered Attic Fans

by GuestPoster - May 22nd, 2011.
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The features of solar powered attic fans include savings on energy and ease of installation. Products are typically mounted on the roof and serve to remove moisture and humidity, from attic spaces. This helps keep a home cooler in the summer and more comfortable year-round. It also helps reduce the cost of air conditioning, in the warmer months.

The device is usually installed on the highest part of the roof, or as close to the highest point as possible. The product comes in a galvanized steel housing, with steel flashing. The flashing helps protect roofing shingles and prevents water from seeping in, and makes the installation look neat and well fitted.

There are a few different ways to mount the fan. One way is to mount the frame and flashing flush with the roof. Another is to use a roof vent and mount the device flat, on top of the vent, on a pitched angle. Both methods are low profile. They do not draw any more attention to the roof than the vent for the heating system.

Most models work instantly, when the solar panel is attached. The panel takes very little space on the roof. The size may vary, but is typically around the size of a panel for a water fountain or garden feature. It quickly plugs in the fan and requires no additional wiring. Though devices have a solid outer cover, a mesh inner cover prevents obstruction from debris, leaves and animals.

Some brands to look for in solar attic fans are Honeywell, Rand, and Sunrise Solar. Products come in round and rectangular models, for a variety of roofing situations and installations. They can be ordered from online stores or purchased in stores where consumer electronics home products are sold. Prices can range from $199 to $450. Price is usually dependent on size and wattage.

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