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Do We Need Solar Energy

by GuestPoster - June 5th, 2011.
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Each day we live is fuelled by energy. In the same way that it serves as lifeblood of a country’s economy, energy provides the needed support to sustain the ever increasing daily activities of people. It is believed that energy in the form of electricity contributes to increased employment and income for the poor, thus reducing poverty.

Throughout the years it was observed that generation of electricity is becoming expensive and unsafe to the environment. This is because fossil oil price has been highly volatile owing to geopolitical conflicts, increasing global demand due to economic growth and recently the renewed debate on nuclear energy brought about by the Japan tsunami incident. And, fossil fuel such as oil and coal which are among the widely used fuel for electricity generation emit materials that are hazardous not only to living things but also to the environment. With the efforts to find alternative to fossil fuel, some energy resource were developed, among them is solar energy.

Being relatively new, it is good to know at the first instance the advantages of solar energy. Like biomass, geothermal, hydropower, ocean and wind, solar energy is a renewable resource. As such, it is renewable on a regular basis at a rapid rate which makes itself available over an indefinite period of time. Solar energy, being sourced from the sun, reaches practically the entire earth’s surface and thus is accessible to all. And, with the emergence of portable solar technologies like solar panels and lanterns, solar energy can now be used off-grid especially in isolated areas to generate electricity. It is also important to know the advantages of using solar energy. It is a form of clean energy and its use in generating electricity does not result in the emission of carbon. And heat of the sun being a free commodity, use of solar energy helps reduce electricity bill. In countries where there is available infrastructure, extra electricity generated from solar can even be sold to the electric company.

With the above-enumerated advantages and the growing sentiments about shifting to cleaner and renewable energy, we can say that indeed we need solar energy.

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