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Create A Private Home Electrical System With Solar Panels

by GuestPoster - June 1st, 2011.
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Solar panels are the best way to set up a private and self sufficient electric system for a family home. But setting it up all at once is too costly at the moment and few can afford to put up sufficient number of solar power arrays to power a home. However there are some work-around solutions without having to dump the whole installation cost upfront.

Solar panels can be purchased singly as sets of panels. That reduces the initial price of solar energy for private homes and allows average consumers to reap the advantages of solar power. Sharp, Sanyo, Trina, Yingli and many more solar product suppliers offer products in smaller scalable units of solar panels. These panels can eventually be added to and made part of a complete system that is enough to power a family home with solar energy alone. There are many consumer product reviews coming out daily in the Internet giving voice to the successful experiences of people in this area.

How much do solar panels cost this way? That is a question you may have in your mind at the moment. These scalable solar panels can be bought singly for around 400 to 1000 dollars depending on the wattage and size. That includes only the cell array and nothing else.

Another option is to get it as a kit. A kit most often includes five or few panels and will come with all the essential accessories for it. Solar energy for private homes can be generated with around three two hundred watt kits. For homes that require more power you got panels like the 235 or 230 watt sizes. These bigger size’s prices start from around 500 a piece. Lot depends on special offers, the brand and amount of watts needed.

Most companies offer 25 years warranty so you need to try to get a panel with a warranty like that. That way you can be sure to reap in the benefits of solar energy while saving on energy expenses for decades out of the solar panels.

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