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Can A Windmill Power Your House?

by GuestPoster - February 20th, 2012.
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Wind energy is one of the most economical types of alternative energy available. It is a 100% clean power source and basic wind turbines can be built at home. It uses no traditional fuel, produces no emissions, and is reliable for providing power all throughout the year.

Energy Capability

Homeowners often ask how much energy does a wind turbine produce. While small windmills can only power a few electronic appliances, large windmills can power several houses or even a town. The wind speed in your area also makes a big difference.

Understanding how is wind created is essential when calculating the power capability of a wind turbine. Since wind is caused by air pressure, high and hilly areas often have the most wind. You will need to calculate the average wind speed in your area and find a turbine that matches up with that optimal speed. For example, a turbine that optimizes at 20mph winds is different than a turbine that optimizes at 10mph winds.

High Power Turbines

To power your house, you’ll need a high speed generator that has a 24-48 volt capacity. High speed turbines are more expensive since they are built with stronger materials. They have short, narrow blades to reduce rotor damage when spinning at high speeds. However, even the fastest turbines will be inefficient unless there is sufficient wind speed in your area.

How to Power Your House

With a wind turbine, energy is harvested and transferred to a battery to be stored for use. You’ll need to hook this battery up to your house’s main power grid if you want to use it with your daily appliances. Hooking this system up is fairly complicated, so I’d recommend hiring an experienced technician. If someone is already installing your wind turbine, they may also offer to hook it up to your house.

Government Sponsorship

Many governments provide sponsorship or tax benefits if you are building an alternative energy system like solar power or wind power. If you produce more energy than your house needs, you may be able to sell it back to the city for a profit.

In Conclusion

Wind generators require virtually no maintenance and are more than powerful enough to provide energy to a single home. It is particularly effective on high ground, but it can be installed anywhere with wind. In order to increase the longevity of your turbine, remember to have it service periodically.

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