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Benefits of Solar Energy

by Chris - June 9th, 2011.
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With ever increasing global warming, we cannot afford to burn fossil fuels to generate power forever. It not only depletes the reserves left on earth but also increases the amount of carbon emissions. To give our future generations a chance to live the life that we did, if not better, we have to take all the steps we can to go green. To start with, you can move on to green energy. Solar power is one form of green energy that anyone can have access to. It is simple to install and is very reliable. This will be one investment that you will never have to regret. Solar energy is available in abundance, free, and the best part is that you can simultaneously save on your electricity bills while also doing your part to reduce carbon emissions.

Benefits of Solar Energy

The benefits of solar energy are many! - photo by 'Living Off Grid'

You can use solar power for both home and business. It helps you save the money that you would otherwise be paying for power from the regular power grid. Especially if you are running a business, commercial power costs a lot more than household power. Not only is adopting solar power a business savvy thing to do, it is also the smart thing to do. Investing on solar panels will help you to save money on a regular basis. With solar technology under constant research, the efficiency of the panels has been increased to a great extent. To make a modest estimate, installing one panel generates around 185W of power per sun hour, so just by installing around 15 – 25 panels will produce enough power to be used as the main source of power during the day.

By choosing solar power, not only will you be going green, but you will also enjoy the benefits of solar power.

  1. Sustainable and Renewable Energy

    Solar power is something that will always be available. Every single day the sun rises and from the moment the rays from the sun reach your solar panel till sunset in the evening, you will be able to generate power. This is one of the best benefits of using solar power as we will never run out of solar energy and only the number of panels you install is the limit to the power generated.

  2. Independent Electricity

    One of the major advantages of renewable energy is that it lets you generate electricity on your own without having to depend on the regular power grid. There will be no power outages or any cables running into your house. You need not be dependent on public or private companies to supply you with power. Depending on your average monthly consumption, install the necessary number of solar panels and you can simply forget paying electricity bills.

  3. Low Maintenance

    Solar panels, once installed, require very little maintenance. Once they are installed and ensured that the panels are working at their optimum efficiency, there is very little that you are required to do other than to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy.

  4. Silent Energy

    Another benefit of solar energy is that it is silent energy. The solar panel absorbs the sun’s radiation and uses it to produce power. There is no noise whatsoever and you can enjoy solar power in peace.

  5. Unobtrusive Power

    Once the solar panels are installed, they just sit on the rooftop and produce power. The photovoltaic cells that are present in the solar panels convert the radiation from the sun into usable electric power that can be used for various purposes – all while being conveniently ignored.

  6. Share the Power

    When the solar panels that you have installed produce more energy than you need, you have the opportunity to sell it to a utility company for electric credits. While this is subject to the size of the installation and geographic location, you can always share the excess with your neighbors and get credit for it. This is another benefit from using solar energy.

  7. Round the Clock Solar Power

    Larger facilities will be able to produce solar power regardless of the time of the day, thus producing nonstop sustainable solar energy. During the day the energy is produced by harnessing the solar radiation. During the night, or when the sun is not out, the heat that was received from the solar radiation is used to produce energy. You can enjoy the benefits of solar energy day and night with the thermal solar power.

  8. Economic and Efficient

    Another benefit of solar power is that the panels used for generating the power are under constant research to make it more efficient and economic so that everyone can afford them. With the motto of making this a mass spread technology, the solar panels are bound to become cheaper without compromising on the efficiency, letting you enjoy the wholesome benefits of solar energy.

  9. Without a Print

    Solar power plants and solar panels do not give out any form of emission. With zero emission, you will not leave a carbon footprint and can truly go green. When you have the option to use pollution free power, why not opt for it? The benefits of solar energy is the need of the hour, with its zero emission energy, this is one form of energy that you can rely upon.

  10. Health Benefits

    You can wonder what health benefits you will be getting from solar power. But there is a larger picture here. As there is no pollution from solar energy, there will not be air pollution, thus helping in reducing respiratory as well as other diseases.

  11. An Energy Option for Everyone

    There are solar panels available at different price ranges from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Based on your need and affordability, you can opt for the ones that fit your bill perfectly. You need to assess the amount of energy you need and the go for the solar panels that you can afford without going overboard.

  12. Tax Credits

    Many governments all over the world, to encourage solar power, give incentives for people purchasing solar energy systems. The governments understand the rising issue of global warming and the alarming depletion of fossil fuels, so they are ready to give you a percentage of the money that you will be investing to enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

  13. Reliability

    One of the major advantages of renewable energy is that it is very reliable. You know for sure that the sun will rise every day and that way you can make the most of the solar power. In fact, if you are conservative and save the energy, you can make use of the excess in the night or you can even sell it to the power utilities, which is a great idea.

  14. Improving Technology

    The technology keeps improving and that applies to solar energy too and with these factors in mind, you could say that the cost of installing will also become lesser than it already is and it will be made affordable for all. With these improvements, you can live comfortably without electricity bills at all.

  15. Straightforward

    One of the major benefits about using solar power is that it is fairly straightforward. You know what you need to do and exactly where your power comes from. Another thing you can be relieved about is that you are not affecting the earth in anyway and you are doing your part in protecting your environment by reducing global warming as much as you can.

Solar power gives you the freedom from relying on regular power. If you are working in a remote area where the power grid is too far away, it will take time to extend the grid to where you are. Instead, if you choose solar power, you will be independent and free from monthly bills. With the option of power storage, you can store the excess power generated and use it even in the night. By switching to solar power, you can help save the planet as well as reap the benefits of solar power.

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    Along with the advantages of solar power, it is worth remarking upon the disadvantages.These include sunlight not being a readily available resource in some areas of the world.Also, solar cells are still not particularly cheap.

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