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Basic Home Safety and the Solar Security Light

by Chris - August 9th, 2012.
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One of the most desperate concerns of home owners today is the security of their property. Not only are the home owners worried about their physical property itself, such as their home, outdoor buildings, and vehicles, but also the security of their loved ones inside of the home. Obviously, home owners will want to keep their loved ones and valuable possessions safe by implementing some safety and security measures of their own. However, there is another added benefit to installing an alarm system or a solar security light that most home owners do not know about! When home owners install items that make their property safer and secure by deterring theft or better reinforcing the property against natural elements, their homeowners insurance rates can be lowered significantly.

This is because when an insurance agency agrees to insure the property of a consumer against theft, damage, or vandalism, they are doing so with the hopes that the home does not fall under damage. The least likely that a home is to incur these various damages, the lower monthly insurance rates that particular home owner will be offered. Before an insurance agency can give a particular home owner a quote on their insurance rates, they will need to analyze the physical location and region of the property.

For instance, if the home is located in a city or neighborhood that has a history of crime and theft, the insurance rates will be higher for that home owner than for the owners of a similar property in a different area. However, the home owners of a property in a crime-riddled area can make amends for their neighborhood by installing a security system and a solar security light in their home. When choosing the different security or alarm system to install in their property, the home owners will likely have a wide variety of systems to choose from. For instance, there are many new security system models that will connect the outdoor solar security light with the system itself.

This will allow the alarm system inside of the home to be armed, so that if a person were to enter through the front door or forcibly through another area of the property, the system will sound the alarm and make a call to the local authorities. For those home owners that are considering installing one of these systems in their property, it would be wise to educate all the children in the home about how to disarm the system after they enter the home so that the alarm will not sound unnecessarily. This is a very important step, because if the alarm were to be triggered by one of the children, this act could result in an unnecessary emergency call to the police, which is a serious offense.

If the home owner is concerned about how the addition of their solar security light and alarm system will truly affect their homeowners insurance rates, they should call their insurance agency and speak with a representative. The insurance adjuster will likely be able to recalculate the monthly insurance rates for the property right there on the phone, which may allow the home owner to make a better decision about which security system to install in their home. When considering the placement of their outdoor security lights, the home owner should do their best to pick a location that will be the most beneficial to the safety of their property, without becoming a nuisance to the home’s occupants. For instance, if an outdoor security light is placed just outside of one of the bedroom windows, the motion-triggered light could disrupt the sleep of the home’s occupants if the home is not equipped with proper blinds or drapes.

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