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I’m Chris Troutner. Welcome to my blog on all things solar. I’m the lead designer on the open source free charge controller project. Check out my profile page and my LinkedIn Profile. I was also recently interviewed on

Why I Started This Blog

I work as an electrical engineer in my day job. Specifically, I am a test engineer, which means I design tests to study the reliability of products. In a nutshell, I break stuff for a living and study the how and why it broke. This blog is my attempt to merge my knowledge as an electrical and test engineer to review solar products. I try to give an honest, third party validation of consumer products.

Solar power is a baby industry. Like all baby industries there is a lot of confusion for new consumers, which ultimately produces unscrupulous manufacturers who try to take advantage of consumer ignorance. I am an avid ‘do it yourself’er and so this blog it a mix of product reviews and practical, hands-on solar projects. My ultimate goal with this blog is to help people adopt alternative energy through education.

My View On Alternative Energy

I have always been passionate about alternative energy. For me, it’s more than trying to create a clean environment or reducing reliance on oil. I believe that fossil fuels will always have their place in the world – such as commercial transportation and generating portable, on demand power. However, electricity is the more efficient choice for household power and transportation energy of passenger vehicles. Solar, wind, bio-mass, and geo-thermal energy are all sustainable and plentiful energy sources that scale to the residential and industrial level once the technology matures.

Electricity is also a clear winner for the transportation of small vehicles. Not only is it a sustainable model, electric motors are often 5 times more efficient than internal combustion engines. Now that the energy density of new battery technologies are entering the same ball-park as gasoline, I believe it is only a matter of time before all passenger vehicles are electric.

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