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5 Reasons to Choose Solar Deck Lights

by GuestPoster - October 6th, 2011.
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A great way to light up your outdoor entertaining area is with some solar deck lights. There are some fantastic advantages to using solar powered lights over electrical lights. Here are 5 reasons to use these lights in your outdoor areas.

1. You can save money by using free solar energy. Solar lights are an affordable, economical lighting system because you don’t have to pay for electricity. They operate on natural sunlight with no extra cost for you. Replace some of your existing electric lights and you will have immediate savings on your power bill.

Solar Patio Lights

Solar Patio Lights - photo by Mr. E

2. Solar lights have an easy installation. You don’t need to install any wiring, just unpack the light, put wherever you want it and you are done. You won’t waste money getting someone else in to install them for you. This also makes it easy to change location of your lights if you are not happy with were you initially place them.

3. Solar powered lights are very low maintenance. They have a built in sensor so you don’t even have to turn them on when it gets dark. You may need to replace the rechargeable batteries when they don’t hold their charge anymore, and give the solar panel a wipe over every now and then, and that’s it.

4. The best solar lights advice is to buy the ones that use LED bulbs. LED bulbs last a very long time, so you will not have to replace them very often. They do not generate any waste heat, so they are safe for use in your outdoor areas. They can be wired in clusters to intensify the light output and provide a much brighter light.

5. Using solar energy is good for the environment. The generation of solar power does not add to the depletion of other energy resources. It is a renewable energy source that won’t run out. There are no harmful emissions that contribute to global warming. It is a great alternative source of power for your outdoor lighting.

Choose solar powered LED deck lights for the outdoor dining and entertaining areas around your home and you can benefit from all of these great advantages.

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