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Advantages of Solar Energy

If you want to know what the advantages of solar energy are, then you’ve come to the right place. This site covers both general information and specific information about solar products and solar technology. I created this blog to help promote solar technology and share my hard won experience from working with electric circuits which tap into the advantages of solar energy.

How to Use This Site

The articles on this site are broken up into categories to better help you navigate. If your new to this site, the article Choosing Your (Solar) Path In Life is a great place to start. Otherwise, jump to one of the categories to start exploring the advantages of solar power.

Solar Education

You certainly do not need a college degree to install your own DIY solar panels for homes. However, you do need to teach yourself some simple solar energy facts in order to work with solar technology and electronics. Our Solar Education category will teach you the basics of working with solar systems and electronics. You can also download all the educational articles as a handy PDF ebook.

Solar Equipment

There is a bit more to installing solar panels for homes than just buying solar panels. The Solar Equipment category will help you figure out what equipment you need and how to avoid many common pitfalls that cost inexperienced do-it-yourselfers a lot of money. This category covers charge controllers, grid-tie inverters, wiring, fuses, battery disconnect switches, and many more topics.

Solar Product Reviews

Manufacturers are quickly making solar powered alternatives to many consumer electronics and electrical appliances. The Solar Products category reviews many solar power products. In time, this category will also review a wide range of commonly used 12 volt appliances and how to set up a solar energy system to power them.

DIY Solar Projects

Browse the Solar Projects category to read guides on how to build a wide range of solar projects. Projects include how to build your own DIY solar panels, installing a watch dog sump pump, how to build a ‘solar generator’ and more.

About This Site

The advantages of solar power and solar products can be many and varied, but they all follow the same basic business/investment model of high upfront cost with a payback over time. Every thing from large solar panels to simple solar pond pumps has a break-even point where the device begins to pay for itself. This is probably the biggest advantage of solar energy products – they are one of the very few consumer products that actually pay for themselves if built reliably enough.

There are other important factors that increase or decrease the advantages of solar energy too. Manufacturers are constantly competing with one another to improve their processes and lower the cost of solar panels, which means the payback period is shortening. Also, if you live in a place where electricity prices are high, like Connecticut where recent residential electricity rates are higher than $0.20 per kilowatt hour, then the advantages of solar energy are higher.

This blog covers all aspects of solar technology. We have a guide on how to build your own solar panels. These DIY solar panels are designed for ruggedness over efficiency for use on a boat or other marine environment. The nice thing about these solar panels is that they can be built to any custom size.

This site also has several solar panel reviews and guides. Replacing every day electronic devices with solar powered equivalents is not a trivial task. Every solar product has to have the load, battery, and solar panel properly sized to one another. A good example of this is a solar powered pump. Solar powered fountains and pumps are becoming more and more popular and unsuspecting consumers are getting duped by unscrupulous manufactures.

Recently this site expanded its coverage of solar power for homes to include a post on the solar power generator, coverage of wind turbines for the home, and finally solar power batteries.

I believe that education is the key. There are many advantages of solar power, but as with any new technology, there will be many scammers trying to take advantage of the ignorance of the general public.